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Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to put my bin out at 7am when it isn’t emptied until later in the day?
Because of circumstances beyond our control (e.g. breakdowns, accidents, road works, disposal points), we may change your collection time at short notice.

Why don’t you empty blue and green bins at the same time?
Different recycling2go crews empty the different colour bins.

Why have you left a tag on my bin?
There is something in your bin that shouldn’t be there.

Why do you not accept all plastics in the blue bin?
Because not all plastic can be economically recycled at the facility the Council recycles at.

Why can’t I put food waste in my green bin?
We can’t take any food waste due to animal bi-products legislation (put in place after the last Foot and Mouth disease outbreak). You can compost your vegetable waste at home.

Why can’t I put waste into sacks or bags before putting it in the green or blue bin?
The sacks and bags would prevent the waste from being composted or recycled.

Why can’t you collect the grey bin every week?
Alternate collections encourages recycling of materials such as paper, card, plastic and tins and reduces the amount of waste going to landfill. Weekly grey bin collections could increase the council tax level.

Why do I pay so much Council tax for my bins to be emptied?
Council tax covers more than just waste collections and the total cost of waste collection is a very small part of your overall Council tax bill.

Can I have an extra green/blue bin?
Yes, fill in our online form or contact us.

Why can’t I have an extra grey bin?
If there are five or more permanent residents in your household you may be eligible for an extra grey bin. This is subject to a waste audit where one of our staff will ensure you are recycling adequately. Fill in the form online or contact us.

What happens if I am no longer physically able to put my bin out for collection?
Fill in the assisted collection form online or contact us and we will assess your situation and provide an assisted collection if required.

What happens if my bin gets damaged?
If it’s accidental, we’ll repair or replace your bin free of charge. If  it’s deliberate damage (such as painting a house number on the bin) or a regular occurrence, we’ll charge you. Fill in our form online.  

How can I keep my bin clean?
Always put a newspaper at the bottom of the green and grey bins before filling with waste. Wrap food waste in paper and/or a plastic bag before being put into the grey bin and keep the lid closed. Give your bin an occasional clean out with disinfectant and water, or use a reputable bin cleaning company.

Why won’t you take any bags I leave at the side of my grey bin?
We will only take waste that is contained within the bin. Reducing the amount of waste sent for disposal is as important as recycling and composting and you have a responsibility to do this. You must legally dispose of any additional waste you have.

When will I get my new bin collection calendar?
These are distributed in October / November each year. Keep your calendar as shows the changes to your collection days over the Christmas, New Year and Bank Holidays. Find your bin day 

Where should I leave my bin on collection days?
Leave your bin at the edge of your property, nearest to where the collection vehicle passes. We will return it to the same position and you must take the bin back in as soon as possible after it has been emptied.

I have more recyclable material than will fit into the blue bin, what can I do?
Ensure that all the plastic bottles and cans are squashed before putting then into the bin and flat packed card can be placed at the side of the blue bin on collection day. Consider buying items with less packaging or request an extra bin if you continually have extra recycling.

My bin gets full because I have children in nappies, what can I do?
If you are a family of four or more with at least two children in nappies, we can provide an additional grey bin for a certain amount of time, subject to a waste audit. The additional bin is for nappies only. Order an extra grey bin online.