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Fleet and equipment

Rushcliffe has 23 front line refuse collection vehicles ranging from 15 to 32 ton GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) vehicles. Our refuse and recycling fleet is predominately a Mercedes Econic chassis with Faun bodies and OTTO or Terberg OmniDEL bin lifts.

Refuse Freighters

Mercedes Econic 8x4 27 Cu Metre Refuse Freighter

Recycling2go refuse freighter. Payload/carrying capacity 13250 kg.

These vehicles were purchased to maximise payload and minimise journeys required to a disposal location. For such large vehicles they are extremely manoeuvrable around the streets of the borough. They are extensively used to collect recyclable waste placed into the blue and green bins.

Econic Features

The Econic features front and rear air suspension with raise/lower control that can adjust the chassis height. It is built at the Mercedes factory in Woerth, Germany, one of Europe's most environmentally aware production plants.

The Econic combines durability and longevity and at the end of its working life Mercedes have also made sure that a high percentage of its own components are recyclable. Additional features include extra low entry cab with folding crew door for easier access.

 Mercedes Atego 4x2 Norba 18 Cu Metre Refuse Freighter

Recycling2go refuse freighter. Payload/carrying capacity 5320 kg.

This vehicle is used for the collection of waste from our difficult to reach properties where access is restricted. There is two of this type of vehicle within our fleet, which ensures we can offer the 3 bin alternate weekly collection service to out lying properties.

The vehicle has a higher ground clearance which enables us to reach those properties.



OmniDEL Automatic Bin Lift Range

Picture of a bin lift. The OmniDEL bin lift is fitted to the majority of our refuse and recycling fleet. It offers a comprehensive range of fully automatic, low level bin lifts with an evolutionary mix of features from previous bin lifts together with new features driven from customer feedback and innovative thinking.

Features include:

Lightweight design - offering payload savings when compared with similar specification bin lifts.

Automatic mode changeover - between trade and domestic cycles increases operator efficiency compared to manual switching bin lifts.

Selective shaker - detects non-discharged material and gives the bin a shake when required until load is discharged.

Designed with integration in mind - the vertical primary lift stage eliminates cycle time increase.

One point greasing system - ensures all moving parts are lubricated from one grease point.

Two stage soft lift - actuated by sonar sensors, offers a safe, smooth and reliable bin pick up.

Unique Geometry - gives a container tip angle of 50° ensures ‘sticky’ materials are discharged and also eliminates bin kick out during lifting.

Glass Recycling Top Loader

Mercedes Econic 6x2 22Cu Metre Three Compartment Glass Recycler

Glass recycling top loader. Payload/carrying capacity 10300 kg.

This is a one off specialist vehicle on a 26000 Kg GVW chassis. The body is compartmentalised enabling us to keep the three colours of glass which are place into the recycling banks, segregated.

The rear steer characteristics of this vehicle allows for maximum manoeuvrability in restricted areas.

Once the vehicle tips at the depot the three compartments allow us to keep the three colours of glass colour separated.

In Cab Technology

Bartec ‘Waste Collector Live Track’ Unit In the Cab.

In cab technology. Waste Collector Live! is a user-friendly crew information system that gets the team working together. A touch-screen display shows the driver everything he needs to know about his route with clear, colour icons. With in-built GPS the screen shows only the premises or jobs of immediate interest.

The screen also allows the drivers to report all the events that they used to enter on a clipboard or call-in to the depot, for example bins contamination, side-waste and damaged bins. This information is recorded at the touch of a button and passed to the customer services centre and depot. This information gives customer service staff up to date information so any queries regarding collections can be resolved at the point of first call, rather than being passed on to someone in the back office.