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Community involvement in Environmental Issues

Volunteers working in their local communities are responsible for a lot of the environmental activity carried out within the Borough. Without these volunteers, much environmental work would never happen.

Besides the benefits to your community and your environment, voluntary work can be good for you personally. It enables you to meet like-minded people and can provide opportunities for physical activity which help with your general fitness.

For other community issues please see our Community Page

Useful organisations

There are several organisations that can help you carry out environmental action in your community.

Everybody's Talking about Climate Change

This project provides resources and information for communities at

Wildlife Trust in South Nottinghamshire

The South Notts local group of the Wildlife Trust exists to allow members to become involved with the Wildlife Trust at a local level and also to provide an active grassroots organisation to supplement the work of the Wildlife Trust at a County level.

The group carries out voluntary conservation work on nature reserves, carries out wildlife surveys, is responsible for wardening reserves, and provides talk, walks and other activities.

Rushcliffe Barn Owl Project

The Rushcliffe barn owl project aims to conserve and increase the population of barn owls in Rushcliffe.

The Rushcliffe Barn Owl Project operates a membership scheme. Volunteers are sought who can help with the practical work of surveying barn owls and erecting barn owl boxes. Helpers who can staff information events and sell merchandise are also welcomed.

Rushcliffe Community Voluntary Services

Rushcliffe Community and Voluntary Service co-ordinate voluntary action across Rushcliffe and can put you in touch with a wide variety of volunteering opportunities, or look for volunteering opportunities on the do-it website.

A useful link for those interested in making a difference in their community is the Just Act web-site which provides and signposts practical information, resources and support for all types of community project. Visit

Many of our Green spaces have volunteer groups to help look after them.

Please also visit for details of wildlife opportunities in Rushcliffe


Rushcliffe Borough Council is keen to assist volunteers who are improving the Borough, and to provide financial assistance where necessary. environmental grants are available that can help fund your work.


The following youtube videos show how local communities in Rushcliffe have taken action on environmental issues in their areas:

Rural Engagement in Environmental Issues

Conferences discussing how rural communities can take action on environmental issues were held in February 2013 and 2014. The presentations are available below.

Participants were asked what they thought they could do to improve the environment in there own areas. The suggested improvements can be viewed on Rushcliffe Parish Forum 2013 flipchart comments