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Our shopping practices can have a big impact on the environment. Everything we buy has used natural resources and energy in its manufacture and transportation to the place we buy it from. Many also create pollution as they are made, used or disposed of. By considering the impact of the things we use, we can help to reduce the effect on our world.

Things to consider when making a purchase:

  • Do I really need it?
  • How far has it travelled?
  • Is it made out of natural, easily available or recycled materials?
  • How energy efficient is it?
  • How much packaging is there?
  • How much waste will I need to dispose of?

Use 'bags for life' or cloth bags and reuse carrier bags when you shop.

Use your local shops when you can. Find out more about buying local food.

Benefits from shopping on your high street:

  • Leave your car behind and save petrol
  • Enjoy more personal service
  • Get the sensory experience
  • Buy unusual products
  • Know the origin of your food
  • Ask advice from the shopkeeper
  • Meet friends for a coffee
  • Read the ads in shop windows
  • Catch up on local news
  • Feel good about yourself (list from

For more information on shopping locally vist the Totally Local West Bridgford Website

When buying timber or timber products, look for the FSC symbol. Visit the Forest Stewardship Council website for more details.

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