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Climate change

Information about climate change, and what you can do to reduce your carbon footprint, saving you energy, money and the environment.

‌‌What is climate change?

Act on CO2 logo Man-made climate change is caused by the gases we release into the atmosphere. Carbon gases (such as carbon dioxide and methane) are a particular problem. They are produced every time we turn on an appliance, heat our homes, travel or buy manufactured goods. As more carbon gases are released, the average temperature of the Earth increases which affects the climate and causes more extreme weather.

The Climate in Rushcliffe

In Rushcliffe, predictions by scientists suggest that the impact of climate change will make our summers warmer and drier and our winters warmer and wetter with more extreme weather conditions, for example more storms, floods and droughts. Studies in Rushcliffe have shown that in 2008 each person produced and average of 7.4 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year. That’s the equivalent of each person leaving 40 lights switched on all the time.  

What is Rushcliffe Borough Council doing?

Rushcliffe Borough Council regards climate change as an important issue and identified this within its Corporate Strategy (2007-2011). The Council has committed to “developing a climate change action plan to explore ways the Council and residents of the Borough can minimise their contribution to global warming”.

What you can do?