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Domestic violence – help for you from your Borough Council

  • You can contact the 24 hour freephone DV helpline for Nottinghamshire, which is run by WAIS (Women's Aid Integrated Services), on 0808 800 0340 - this is open 7 days a week.
  • Equation (guidance and support for men) - Tel: 0115 9605556

Domestic violence (also called domestic abuse) and wider associated issues such as honour violence, forced marriage and FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), affects many people across all strands of our community. It overwhelmingly affects women and children, but can also happen to men and to other adults in a close family relationship. It can happen in gay and lesbian relationships.

Many people associate these issues with something that involves a deliberate assault, but it can comprise a range of behaviours such as emotional, financial or sexual abuse - you can experience domestic abuse on any of these levels and physical violence may not always be present.

Rushcliffe domestic violence booklet 2015

Rushcliffe Sanctuary Scheme

The sanctuary scheme might be of help to you if you feel unsafe in your home after you have ended your relationship and you are considering leaving because of this. This is a very practical, free scheme which enhances security and will then enable you to remain at home and maintain your links to schools, work and social/family networks. Please see the  for full details.

Help for men experiencing abuse

Men can contact Equation for advice, emotional support and for referral to specialist services. Statutory services such as housing, legal help, the criminal justice system and social care are also all equally available to male survivors as for female survivors.

Finding out more

If there is no immediate crisis but you would like to know more about domestic violence and associated issues, you will find the following websites of interest:

Clare's Law

From September 2012, Nottinghamshire has been chosen as one of the trial areas in the country for Clare’s Law – this means individuals (or an agency) can now make a request to the police to find out if a new or current partner has a history of abusive behaviour in previous relationships.

This scheme hopes to enable individuals concerned the chance to make a more informed choice about whether or not to continue that relationship. Applications have to be made to the police, there is a strict process which will be followed, according to home office guidelines, and where it is then appropriate, any disclosure will be made by the police direct on 101 to the individual concerned.