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What is LHA?

Local Housing Allowance (LHA) is a type of housing benefit which is only available to tenants who rent their homes from a private landlord. LHA is not based on your property, but is based on who lives with you, where you live and your income/ savings.

The amount you receive can be affected by how much rent you pay and whether anyone living with you helps pay towards the rent.

Who is affected by Local Housing Allowance?

LHA affects:

  • people who claim help with their rent for the first time
  • existing benefit claimants who move house into a privately rented property
  • existing claimants who have a break of one week or more in their benefit entitlement, and who do not move house.

LHA does not affect:

  • tenants of Registered Social Landlords (Housing Associations)
  • tenants who live in houseboats and caravans
  • tenants who have substantial board and lodgings included in their rent
  • tenants whose tenancies started before January 1989
  • supported housing provided by social landlords, charities and voluntary organisations.