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Council Tax Reduction appeals process

If you have received a decision about a council tax reduction that you think is wrong, please ask us to explain it. There are no time limits for asking for decisions to be looked at again. If you still think the decision is wrong after we have explained it to you, you have a right to make an appeal to an independent body called the Valuation Tribunal.

The decision

If you get a decision in writing it is usually because you have:

  • claimed a council tax reduction
  • had a change of circumstances which affects your reduction
  • been told you have to pay back a reduction

You may ask us to look again at a decision.

If you are an ‘appointee’ for another person you can ask us to look again at a decision about their award, and you may be able to appeal for them.

Do you want more information about the decision?

Contact us about the decision letter straight away and ask us to explain the reasons for the decision and to put it in writing.

What happens next?

When you ask us to look at a decision again, we will check that the decision is correct in law. A different member of staff will usually do this. If the decision is wrong we will change it and write to you. If the decision can’t be changed, we will tell you and also let you know if you can appeal to the Valuation Tribunal.

The Valuation Tribunal will not accept an appeal from an applicant who has not raised their grievance with the Council.

Can I appeal about the Council’s local scheme?

No. The Valuation Tribunal cannot hear appeals about the design and contents of the Council’s Local Council Tax Reduction scheme but only how the scheme has been applied to the individual’s circumstance. 

Do you want to appeal against the decision?

To appeal you need to do so in writing to the Valuation Tribunal within two calendar months of our response to your request to look at the decision again.

You can do this online at or by writing to the CTR Team, VTS, Hepworth House, 2 Trafford Court, Doncaster, DN1 1PN. Write down the reasons for your appeal. This is important because the tribunal can only look at the things you mention. The Valuation Tribunal will decide your appeal at a tribunal hearing.

The Valuation Tribunal is made up of the President, four Vice-Presidents and a panel of chairmen (who together are known as “senior members”) and ordinary members. The chairmen and members are local people who, like magistrates, are lay volunteers. The hearing panel can comprise up to three members, one of whom must be a senior member. The tribunal can only look at the evidence, the law and your circumstances at the time we made the decision you are appealing against. The tribunal cannot look at changes of circumstances that happened after we made the decision.

Late appeals

The Valuation Tribunal President may authorise a “late” appeal if satisfied that the failure to initiate the appeal within prescribed time limits was for reasons outside of that person’s control.