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Council Tax Reduction scheme

Council Tax Reduction scheme


The Government abolished Council Tax Benefit from April 2013. It asked every Council to develop their own local Council Tax Reduction scheme to ensure residents  get the help they need to pay their Council Tax. These changes are part of the Government's Welfare Reform changes to make working more attractive than being on benefits. It should make better use of resources to reduce dependency on state benefits.

However, the Government reduced funding for the new scheme by 13.4%. We designed our local scheme taking into account Government views, the money available, the impact on residents and the need to protect certain groups of residents.

Details of our Council Tax Reduction scheme for 2019/20 can be found in our Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2019-20 document.

Guidance on who can and can't claim.

Information about how and when to claim.

Ways you can tell us if your circumstances change and examples of possible changes which could happen to you that would affect your claim.

Information about possible reductions if you share your home with other adults (not a partner) who are on a low income.