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Your council tax bill explained

This page will help you to understand your annual council tax bill. Below is an example of a Rushcliffe council tax bill.

You can find a key to understanding each numbered section of the bill beneath the picture.



1. The financial year your council tax bill relates to.
2. The address which the property relates to (if different to the postal address).
3. Your council tax billing number.
4. The valuation band assigned to the property.
5. The changes from last year’s council tax amounts.
6. The AllPay barcode. Used for paying your bill at the Post Office or an AllPay outlet.
7. Explanation of the level of increase for Nottinghamshire County Council.

Nottinghamshire County Council have increased the main element of their charge by 2.99%. We have to show percentage increases on the bill to one decimal place, which means this is shown above as 3.0%.

This percentage rise is actually the percentage of last year’s full precept (including the Adult Social Care element). The format of the calculations has been set down by Government to ensure consistency between all billing authorities.

The following are the values for a D banded property in 2017/18:

NCC                          £1,288.43
Adult Social Care        £63.54
Total                          £1,351.97

This year NCC has determined that they will increase their Council Tax by 2% to fund adult social care. Therefore:

2% of £1,351.97 is £27.04

In accordance with Government guidelines, for 2018/19 the adult social care element of the Council Tax charge should be included as a cumulative figure, namely:

2017/18 charge                    £63.54
Increase for 2018/19            £27.04
Revised total                        £90.58

Should you wish to query the level of the increase you will need to contact NCC directly.

8. The period your council tax bill relates to.

9. The total council tax amount due after any discounts, exemptions and reductions have been applied.

10. Your payment method and instalment dates and amounts. If it says Direct Debit, instalments will be taken automatically from your bank account. How to pay your council tax

If you have any questions regarding your bill then you can contact our Customer Services department by calling 0115 981 9911 or by email on:

Starting with financial year 2016/17, authorities like Nottinghamshire CC who provide adult social care are allowed to charge an additional precept of not more than 3% to help towards the costs of providing this care.