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Where your council tax goes

Where your Council Tax goes

We have found that when our customers talk to us about the Council Tax, the same or similar questions often reoccur. Below is a list of the most frequently asked questions with our answers. If you have any other questions about the tax or there are any other issues you would like to discuss with us, please do not hesitate to contact us.

These frequently asked questions are divided into two sections. The section below explains how the charge is determined and what we are spending your money on in 2019/20. The main Council Tax page answers questions about how to pay, claim discounts, query the charge or your banding and other information, to access the main Council Tax page.

What am I paying for services from Rushcliffe?

From April Rushcliffe Borough Council’s element of the council tax is as follows:

Property in BandAnnual Council TaxAnnual IncreaseIncrease per Week
A£91.86£3.306 pence
B£107.17£3.857 pence
C£122.48£4.408 pence
D£137.79£4.959 pence
E£168.41£6.0512 pence
F£199.03£7.1514 pence
G£229.65£8.2516 pence
H£275.58£9.9019 pence


What do I get for my money? Are Rushcliffe Borough Council's services good value?

Rushcliffe's portion of your council tax bill this year for a band D property is £137.79 – only 38 pence per day. We are still a district with one of the lowest council tax levels in the country and we continue to improve services.

The main thing you need to know is we are looking to continue to provide quality services, drive efficiencies through the Council and maximise opportunities to grow investment within the Borough. Over the past six years the Council has successfully delivered in excess of £5.2m of savings and is looking to deliver a further £2.9m over the next five years as the Council has to deal with further Government funding reductions. For more details, see the Council Tax Charges - Enquiries leaflet

Why has my Council Tax bill increased?

Your Council Tax bill has increased, because of increases from all of the organisations who receive a portion of it. Rushcliffe Borough Council has taken the decision to increase its part of the Council Tax charge by 3.7% for 2019/20.

The annual increase in the Rushcliffe element equates to £4.95 for the year for a Band D property, or less than 10 pence per week. The increase is to help the Council to deliver excellent services whilst the level of central government grant we receive diminishes. For district councils, our Council Tax charge remains in the lowest 25% across the country.

Rushcliffe Borough Council's share of your bill accounts for just over 7% of the total. You also pay for services provided by Nottinghamshire County Council, Nottinghamshire Fire Authority, Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner, and, where applicable, your local Parish Council. We cannot comment on these services.

However, to find out more about these services please use the links below:

Adult Social Care

The calculation for the increase of the adult social care element of the Nottinghamshire County Council’s precept is determined in accordance with The Council Tax (Demand Notices) (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2017. These amended regulations were designed to ensure consistency across all local authorities in how the precepts were displayed on the demand notice. The figures below show how the figure has been calculated, which relate to a band D property:

The following figures relate to the charges for a Band D property.

In 2018/19, the charges were:

Main precept                          £1,328.85

Adult social care element       £90.58

Total charge                            £1,419.43

For 2019/20, Nottinghamshire County Council has determined to increase their main precept by 2.99% and their adult social care element by 1%. Note that we can only display any increase to one decimal place, therefore the main precept increase is shown as 3.0%.

The main precept has increased by 2.99%:

2018/19 total charge              £1,419.43

2.99%  increase                      £42.44

The adult social care element has increased by 1%:

2018/19 total charge              £1,419.43

1% increase                             £14.19

Therefore the revised charge for 2019/20 is:

Main precept                          £1,328.85 + £42.44 =  £1,371.29

Adult social care                     £90.58 + £14.19 = £104.77

Maximum increases

The 2019/20 Local Government Finance Settlement, finalised on 5 February 2019, proposed the following thresholds for 2019/20:

  • Local authorities with responsibility for social care (county and unitary authorities) must hold a referendum if council tax is to be increased by 5% or more. Council tax for general spending requires a referendum if it rises by 3% or more, alongside a
    maximum 2% ‘social care precept’.

The setting of the social care precept must not exceed a rise of 6% over three years

  • For district councils: if council tax is to be increased by 3% or more and more than £5.00 on a Band D property – i.e. an increase of more than 3% is permitted as long as it does not exceed £5.00 on a Band D property;
  • For Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs): if council tax is to be increased by more than £24 on a Band D property;
  • For fire and rescue authorities, if council tax is to be increased by 3% or more;

No thresholds will be set for parish and town councils or for combined authorities.

Breakdown of Council Tax bills by band:

in Band

County Council £

Adult Social
Care Element £

Combined Fire Authority £

Police  £

Borough plus
Parish *  £

Total £



 * This figure represents the average borough / parish / special expense charge

What are the Special Expenses included in my bill? (applicable only to West Bridgford, Ruddington and Keyworth) 

Where there is no parish council the equivalent recreation and community services provided have to be paid for by Rushcliffe Borough Council. To cover these costs the residents of West Bridgford pay Special Expenses. These cover certain parks and playing fields, community centres, litter bins, benches and seats and children's play areas.

The Special Expenses for Ruddington and Keyworth relate to funding arrangements for cemeteries.

Council tax leaflets

Precept leaflets are available for the following Parish/Town Councils: