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Scheduled ancient monuments in Rushcliffe

A Scheduled Ancient Monument is a protected archaeological site or historic building or structure of national importance.

See a list of scheduled ancient monuments in Rushcliffe.

Almost all works affecting scheduled monuments and the sites in or under which they stand require scheduled monument consent. It is a criminal offence to:

  • carry out works to a scheduled ancient monument without consent
  • damage or destroy a scheduled ancient monument
  • use a metal detector without authorization at the site of a scheduled ancient monument
  • remove an object found at the site of a scheduled ancient monument without consent, or to subsequently dispose of such an object.

Nottinghamshire County Council maintains the county Sites and Monuments Record which contains information on sites and finds.

Scheduled monument consent

Scheduled Monument Consent (SMC) applications are decided by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, but the administration, process and handling of applications is undertaken by Historic England.  For more information, go to the Historic England English Heritage - scheduled monument consent  page.‌

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