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Upper Saxondale

Information and a map of the Upper Saxondale Conservation Area.

One of several gazebos within the grounds, with one of the characteristic hospital 'towers' behind.The Conservation Area of 30 hectares was designated as recently as October 1993. The boundary contains the entire former Saxondale  Psychiatric Hospital site and includes the extensive, semi-wooded grounds.

After becoming redundant, the site was eventually redeveloped for housing and in order to preserve the parkland landscape and many fine trees, the Conservation Area was created.

The Chapel was built in 1902 to the designs of E W Roberts, the then County Architect, for use by former hospital staff and patients. The small, revivalist style building, with Gothic fittings, has been retained as a church.

Today the site is a blend of old and new. High quality conversions of the Victorian buildings, the mature parkland, its core of community buildings and its public open spaces have resulted in an unusual residential area of special character and quality.

Following a period of consultation with the local community the Upper Saxondale Conservation Area Appraisal was published on 24 November 2010.

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