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Information and a map of Scarrington Conservation Area.

The famous horse-shoe pile standing outside the Grade II Listed Old Forge on Main Street. This 9 hectare Conservation Area includes the majority of the built-up area of the village. It contains 4 Listed Buildings, and was designated a Conservation Area in 1990.

Informally arranged historic buildings, varied traditional boundary treatments, mature trees and wide grassy verges contribute to the character of the Conservation Area. The village's curvilinear main thoroughfare reveals a pleasing sequence of views from the rural southern approach, through the tree-shaded Main Street and on to the Grade I listed Church of St. John of Beverley in the east. A 15-foot pile of horseshoes outside the Grade II listed Smithy is a unique and distinctive reminder of the village's heritage.

The boundary of the Conservation Area was reviewed and formally extended on 12 October, 2010.

For further advice, contact Design and Conservation.

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