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Information and a map of Ruddington Conservation Area.

Courtyard of the Framework Knitters' Museum, Chapel Street. The sizeable Conservation Area of 20.5 hectares was designated in 1970 and lies at the heart of this village of 6,500 inhabitants. The old centre contains 18 Listed Buildings or structures.

From its Saxon origin, Ruddington grew rapidly during the Industrial Revolution to become the largest frame knitters’ village in Nottinghamshire south of the Trent. New housing was built to accommodate those involved in subsidiary trades such as framesmiths, needle makers, sink makers, seamers and bobbin-boys at Wilford Lane, The Leys and Chapel Street.

A number of the present day Grade II Listed Buildings, were former framework knitters’ workshops, now converted, or have workshops to the rear and provide a definite theme within the village.

The most important site, however, is the complex of framework knitters’ cottages, workshops, Chapel and outbuildings which now form a museum on Chapel Street and date from c.1829 and c.1840. They provide powerful architectural and social history links with the thriving community of modern Ruddington.

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