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Information and a map of Keyworth Conservation Area.

Church of St Mary Magdalene. Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan for Keyworth, October 2010.

Keyworth is built on top of a small hill, which has added significance because of the undulating landscape and the extensive surrounding farmlands which form the edge of the South Nottinghamshire Wolds. The townscape is dominated by the unusual 15th century lantern tower of the Grade I, 14th  century Church of St Mary Magdalene. The village's transformation from an agriculturally based economy, through the 19th century framework knitting industry to its current role as an important local retail centre can be traced within the remaining spaces and buildings.

The small, 10 hectare Conservation Area was designated in October 1999 and lies at the heart of the village. It comprises mostly of the retail and commercial core, and is focused on the church and the remains of 5 Grade II Listed houses and barns along Main Street. The most notable is the timber-framed George Martyn’s barn on 31 Main Street - the lintel over the doorway is inscribed "1651GM".

The boundary of the Keyworth Conservation Area was reviewed and formally extended on 12th October 2010.

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