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Information and a map of Hawksworth Conservation Area.

Top Farm, Town Street.The boundary of this small Conservation Area encloses 6 Listed Buildings and most of the village. Its character is formed by the  composition of the buildings, trees, brick and stone enclosure walls and open spaces. The rich farmland and adjacent fields make a considerable contribution to the village scene. The tall landmark of the church, the tower of Top Farm, other farm buildings and trees provide an attractive scene on approaching the village.

The predominant building materials are red brick and pantiles, though the whitewashed houses on Town Street provide an interesting yet harmonious contrast. The Grade II Listed mid 17th century Hawksworth Manor forms an important terminal view at the end of Town Street.

The lower stages of the church tower are 13th century Early English while the remainder was progressively rebuilt throughout the first half of the 1800's. The tower incorporates a Norman tympanum (a semi-circular frieze above a door) and a large section of an Anglo-Saxon decorated cross shaft.

The Boundary of the Hawksworth Conservation Area was reviewed and formally adopted on 9 February 2010.

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