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East Bridgford

Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan for East Bridgford. Published July 2008.

Church of St Peter's east window with War Memorial in the foreground.The Conservation Area was first designated in December 1973 and the boundaries revised, following re-appraisal, in March 2006. 

The core of the village (population 1,800) is located around the medieval square of the archery butts (now Butt Close) where the fifty houses listed in the Domesday Book were grouped. The Conservation Area contains 20 Listed Buildings or structures. It includes this core area formed by Main Street, Kneeton Road, College Street and Browns Lane together with the area to the north between Lammas Lane and Kneeton Road formerly occupied by The Hall.  It also includes areas around Main Street east of the old village core and Kirk Hill towards the A6097.

Traditional building materials are red brick and slate or pantiles, although some of the older houses have been rendered or whitewashed. One typical feature is the way in which houses on Kneeton Road and College Street are built gable end on to the road.  Equally important are the brick or stone walls which line much of the length of the roads in the village and the trees on the approaches to the village along Kirk Hill, Kneeton Road, Lammas Lane and Trent Lane.

Saxon masonry survives in the foundations of the largely 11th and 14th century church of St Peter. Work to the church has carried on throughout the last 300 years, including a major rebuild in 1778.

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