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Information and a map of Costock Conservation Area.

Holly Tree House, Main Street.Costock was designated in 1990 as part of the Borough Council's proposals to create ten new Conservation Areas.

Its historic core, bounded by Church Lane and Chapel Lane is very picturesque and has a genuine village feel with winding and secluded lanes, trees and high walls.

The church and Manor House stand close together, the latter being one of the most charming Elizabethan stone houses in Nottinghamshire. The church of St Giles on the other hand, has undergone major restoration in 1688, 1848 and 1862, though some of the original 14th century masonry, both internal and external, still remains.

The eastern part of the small Conservation Area (9.6 hectares) is separated from the remainder by Loughborough Road which tends to detract from the balance and unity of the village. The 7 Listed Buildings within the Conservation Area are somewhat dispersed. Highfields House, to the north of the village, bears the inscription "Sir T Parkyns AD 1729". This was the dower house to Bunny Hall.

The boundary for the Costock Conservation Area was reviewed and formally extended on 8 September 2009.

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