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South Notts Community Safety Partnership

The South Nottinghamshire Community Safety Partnership of which Rushcliffe Borough Council is a member and brings together a range of different organisations to tackle issues across Rushcliffe and the rest of South Nottinghamshire. Their vision is:

"To work together in South Nottinghamshire to reduce crime and improve the quality of life for you and your community."

They aim to achieve this by:

  •  Working with our partners and communities to find local solutions to local problems
  •  Reducing crime and the fear of crime in neighbourhoods throughout South Nottinghamshire
  •  Promoting Safer Communities
  •  Reducing the misuse of drugs and alcohol and the associated problems.

Who is involved in the partnership

The Partnership includes:

  •  Rushcliffe Borough Council
  •  Broxtowe Borough Council
  •  Gedling Borough Council
  •  Nottinghamshire Police
  •  Nottinghamshire County Council
  •  Nottingham Probation Service
  •  Office of the Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner
  •  Primary Care Trust
  •  Nottinghamshire Fire and Rescue.

The South Nottinghamshire Community Safety Partnership works in conjunction with Rushcliffe Borough Council.

Community Safety covers a broad spread of issues for the local community, from reducing crime and  crime prevention to tacking anti social behaviour and Environmental damage including littering, dumping of rubbish and abandonment of cars in the Borough.

The Neighbourhoods  service works to address these issues in communities across Rushcliffe. The team also helps to run the South Nottinghamshire Community Safety Partnership and works closely with other organisations such as the Police to plan a strategic approach that will help to tackle community safety issues across the Borough.


  •  Emergency - if someone's life is in danger or a crime is in progress, dial 999
  •  Non-emergency - call the main Police switchboard 101
  •  The Nottinghamshire Police website is available via the offsite links sections.


  •  If you have information about a crime in Nottinghamshire and you want to report it anonymously, call Crimestoppers 0800 555 111
  •  Or provide information on Crimestoppers website.