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Taxi licences

Taxi licences



Taxi Licensing – General Information

There are over 400 licensed taxis (including hackney carriages and private hire vehicles) currently operating in Rushcliffe.

Personal safety advice

Remember, if you just hail a Private Hire vehicle without pre-booking it you will not be cover by any insurance and the driver himself is committing an offence, and in doing so if caught may lose his licence. Always pre-book a Private Hire vehicle or hail one of our Hackney Carriages. All Rushcliffe Hackney Carriages are black London style vehicles and not saloon cars.

Hackney carriage taxi rank

When you need a taxi you could use our hackney carriage taxi ranks in West Bridgford. They're located outside the Co-op on Bridgford Road, opposite the library car park, at any time of the day or evening, or on Central Avenue outside Central News from 7pm to 7am.

Private hire licensed operators

Alternatively, plan ahead and book a private hire taxi from a licensed firm or carry their telephone number with you. Always make sure the taxi has licensed plates at the front and back and the driver has identification. The driver will confirm the name you booked the taxi under.

Using a licensed taxi by booking in advance or using the taxi rank means:

  •  The vehicle will have met specified standards
  •  The driver is a fit and proper person
  •  The vehicle is insured
  •  You can agree on a price at the start of the journey.

Types of taxi vehicles

Two types of taxis operate under license within the Borough:

Hackney carriages

  •  Hackney carriages have an illuminated roof sign
  •  Hackney carriages have a meter set to The Council's correct tariff
  •  Hackney carriages display the table of fares inside
  •  Hackney carriages can be flagged down for fares.
  •  Vehicles bear a Red Licence plate and the Rushcliffe R’s on the front doors.

Private hire vehicles

  •  Private hire vehicles should be booked in advance with a licensed taxi operator
  •  These vehicles bear a Green licence plate
  •  Vehicle must display side panels indicating the Private Hire company they are working for.

Taxi driver checks

All taxi drivers in Rushcliffe undergo a series of checks and tests to ensure they are a 'fit and proper' before they qualify for a licence:

  •  The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) use their disclosure service to search an individual's criminal record to establish whether or not they are a safe person to drive members of the public
  •  The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) check the individual's driving history
  •  A medical examination ensures the individual is physically able to carry out the work required of a licensed driver. This may involve lifting heavy objects such as luggage and possibly people's wheelchairs
  •  Individuals undergo a knowledge test designed to find out whether they are capable of driving in a safe manner to a number of locations throughout Rushcliffe
  •  Local authority checks examine individuals previously licensed with another local authority and ensures individuals have not had a drivers licence revoked or suspended
  •  All drivers under go Vulnerable Persons Safeguarding Training course
  •  All drivers must wear their drivers badge at all times
  •  Complaints.

If you have a complaint about a Rushcliffe vehicle or driver you can contact our Customers Services on 0115 9819911 or e-mail Please provide us with as much information as possible, including:

  •  Your name and contact details
  •  Details of the journey including date, times and locations
  •  Details of the vehicle including licence or registration number, type of vehicle, i.e. Hackney Carriage or saloon car and details of the driver, i.e. their badge number.

If your complaint is urgent and you feel there is a risk to public safety you should contact the Police in the normal way.

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