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Better broadband in Nottingham 

Nottingham County Council have recently announced that Nottingham will be getting fibre broadband installed. More information available on the Nottinghamshire County Council website. 

Brexit Readiness Seminar 

If you didn't get chance to come along to the Brexit Readiness Seminar you can find the slides available on the East Midlands Chamber website

Engaging Businesses in Local Anti-Slavery Initiatives

The Rights Lab, a University of Nottingham Beacon of Excellence focused on ending modern slavery, is inviting participants to take part in a research project, which aims to explore businesses understanding of modern slavery and their attitudes towards engaging in local anti-slavery activities. This research will be used to help us understand business needs on this agenda, and enable local agencies to plan future training and awareness initiatives. Participants are requested to complete an electronic survey which will take around 15 minutes. All types of business are strongly encouraged to participate.

Survey Information

Online survey

Contact details:

Dr Akilah Jardine

Dr Alison Gardner


The European Regional Development Project Funding

The D2N2 Growth Hub is working closely with the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), to offer funding for projects in which help support designated industries and some major world issues. The project areas available for funding are:

Research and innovation


SME support 

Low Carbon 

Climate change 

Environment and Resource Efficiency

1000 businesses look to grow through the Digital Growth Programme

1,000 businesses have now registered to the Digital Growth programme. This programme aims to support businesses to grow through introducing digital technology into their business. 

Delivered by expert consultants the programme offers an array of awareness-raising seminars, strategic action-planning workshops, hackathons and conferences available for SMEs registered on the programme and is designed to help enterprises to embrace new technology, learn about new software and gain digital skills. Businesses also have access to receive financial help through Technology Grants (subject to conditions) and free one to one business advice to help introduce new digital technology.

The action-planning workshops cover a range of subjects from digital and social media marketing to wider information technology areas such as cyber resilience and international marketing.

If you are not already benefitting from the programme, why not sign up today. See more information about local workshops and workshops and events.

Countryside Productivity Large Grants

The Environment Secretary, Michael Gove, has today announced the opening of a £40 million grants scheme for investment in farming technology and equipment.

On 29 July, Lord Gardiner announced a £200 million package of RDPE funding (Rural Development Programme for England) to support growth of rural businesses.

This included a package of £120m under Countryside Productivity for capital grants to increase farmers productivity and help them prepare for future challenges.  Half of this was for large capital grants and half for small capital grants.

The first two large grants, Improving Forestry Productivity and Water Resource Management were made available from Monday 31 July. The two remaining CP large grants are being launched and full details published on on Monday 30 October. The Countryside Productivity landing page is being updated to include links to the applicant handbooks, application forms and applicant guidance for the two new grants that are:

  • Adding value to Agri-food products -grants to fund projects that improve the processing of primary agricultural products (i.e. Annex I products), benefiting the Agri-food supply chain which will in turn improve farm productivity.
  • Improving Farm Productivity - grants to fund projects that improve farm productivity through the use of robotic equipment and systems to aid crop and livestock production; increasing the use of renewable energy produced on farm; the use of LED wavelength controlled lighting to aid crop production; more efficient use of livestock slurries and manures, and digestate.

Each theme or type of grant has its own handbook which includes: 

  • Details of the Countryside Productivity scheme - sets out how the national scheme context, how we manage the grants and deadlines;
  • Details of the grants contains details on who can apply, what the grants are for, how much they are and examples of projects;
  • Who can apply - explains what type and size of business can apply for the grants and who can't apply;
  • Preparing an application sets out the priorities for funding, how we access applications and what we look for;
  • Funding and costs explains how much funding is available, how applicants pay for the project, what the eligible costs are and what isn't eligible; and
  • How to apply provides an overview of the application forms, what we need to see, how to submit an application and what happens after an application is submitted.

The handbook for each type of grant is available as a pdf document, on a single web page and holds all the information applicants will need.

After reading the information, if you have any queries you can contact us by the following ways:

Contacting the RPA helpline on 03000 200301 (choose the Rural Development option)

or email