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Bingham has experienced and will continue to experience significant growth in housing over the next 10 years so therefore the main priority of the Bingham Growth Board is to ensure the development that will take place to the north of the town connects to the existing town centre and contributes to strengthening the local economy and the Town Centre.

Bingham Growth Board commissioned a masterplan which identified a number of key priorities:

  • Enhancements of the market square and increased activity
  • Improvements to the connectivity of the town including green walkable routes connecting to the development in the North.
  • Development of the Chapel Lane junction site and long term aspiration to relocate the train station
  • Provision for community facilities
  • Car parking.

The full masterplan is available to view on the Bingham Masterplan page.

The following items were discussed at the meeting on 7 March 2019:

  • Chapel Lane - the Board were updated on proposals approved by Cabinet in February 2019. A project team is now being established, procurement of a design team will take place over the next few months with a view to submitting a planning application by the end of the year. Proposals include:
    • A new leisure centre and community hall
    • Re-development of the industrial unit
    • New 10,000 ft2 separate serviced office
    • Potential for future relocation of the train station
  • Market square proposals - Rushcliffe Borough Council are advertising for a new market manager. 
  • Butt Field long stay car park - update deferred to next meeting
  • Future High Street Fund - The Board were advised that Rushcliffe Borough Council are submitting a bid for funding for Bingham. Board members were asked to provide support for the bid.

The next meeting will be held on June 13.

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East Leake

East Leake Growth Board is the most recently established Board and has been running for just over a year.

Examples of some of the activity in the last year includes:

  • Work to support and enhance the town centre including:
    • A meeting with NCC Highways to explore options for the T junction
  • Sewerage and drainage:
    • Completion of capacity assessment by Severn Trent Water to assess the impact of the housing growth in East Leake.
    • The outcomes of this work will be presented back to a Growth Board in 2019

The group also held an action planning workshop which has resulted in the production of an action plan to help guide the groups work.

The following items were discussed at the Board’s meeting on February 27, 2019.

  • Severn Trent Water provided an update confirming that further work will be done on the sewerage system in the village to check capacity and identify any work that is required. This process will take between 12 and 18 months and so an update will come back to the Board in early 2020.
  • Nottinghamshire County Council’s Education Team advised that recent work at Brookfield Primary School has provided additional classroom space to accommodate the growing pupil numbers. This has been funded through Section 106 funding received from developments in the area. Further meetings are planned with Head Teachers at Lantern Lane and East Leake Academy to discuss the needs of their schools and ensure required work is completed.
  • Planning will now commence on a workshop to progress actions identified in the Retail Review carried out in 2016. Some work has already been done, led by the East Leake Traders Association and the Board are keen to support and enhance that.
  • The next meeting will include an update from NCC Highways about proposals they are working on for the T Junction in the village. These will be shared with local residents and businesses later in the year.
  • In addition an update will be provided about progress being made on a business case for building a new health centre in the village. This is being led by the Clinical Commissioning Group who attend the Board meetings.

The next meeting will be held on June 12.

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The Radcliffe on Trent Growth Board currently has five areas of focus:

  • Main Road Improvements
  • Train Station
  • Leisure Facilities
  • Health Centre Provision
  • Responding to Housing Growth.

Examples of some of the activity in the last year includes:

  • Supporting Radcliffe on Trent Parish Council to begin the process of transforming the local Skate Park, both through grant funding and the technical expertise of Rushcliffe Borough Council staff.
  • Engaging with the Radcliffe on Trent Trains Working Group and East Midlands Trains, to begin the work of improving signage at the Train Station, to better link to the Village Centre.
  • Commission of an Economic masterplan for Radcliffe on Trent.

The last meeting of the Growth Board was in February 2019. The main focus of the meeting was the possibility of public realm improvements to enhance the character and appearance of the village centre.

Proposals will be progressed over the next few months and presented to the Board for consideration at the next meeting.

The next meeting will be held on June 20.

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West Bridgford

West Bridgford Growth Board’s main priority is to maintain West Bridgford’s reputation as a high-quality, thriving and diverse retail, leisure and business centre, and to consider ways of further building on the success of the town.

Since the Board was established a number of projects have emerged:

  • A West Bridgford Commissioners study was undertaken which identified numerous recommendations contained in the West Bridgford Commissioners Report, and formed the basis of Rushcliffe’s response to Cabinet that set out a vision which will help shape the future in the Vision for the Town Centre. 
  • A masterplanning exercise is currently being undertaken for Tudor Square.
  • A feasibility study is being undertaken to explore the potential future development of Bridgford Road car park.
  • Melton Road Christmas lights switch on event and ‘Holly Jolly High Street’ retail trail.
  • Development of the West Bridgford Way website which will include listings of local businesses and links to websites where available. There will be a social media campaign to promote this, and a launch event is being planned for Spring 2019.  

The following items were discussed at the Board’s meeting on March 12, 2019:

  • The town centre’s events programme was discussed with a programme based on the West Bridgford commissioner’s for summer based events at weekends.
  • The newly developed West Bridgford Way website was discussed, a key recommendation of the West Bridgford Commissioners’ Report. It is hoped this new place marketing website will assist development cohesion of the town’s different retail and business areas, bringing more footfall locally for businesses. Accompanying social media channels share content through the hashtag #WBWay and local businesses will be prompted to use this hashtag when posting on Twitter.

    The next steps now include the process of finalising costing and designs, continuing dialogue with key stakeholders and developing the economic and business cases for funding.

    Its objectives include encouraging tourists and visitors to stay and shop in West Bridgford, local residents to shop locally more often and to facilitate a community of retailers. The initiative was launched to businesses on 19 March at a networking event held at The Botanist.
  • Plans for the development of Tudor Square were presented following a public consultation held at Rushcliffe Arena and Rushcliffe Community Contact Centre in February and early March. Key stakeholder consultation with local groups also took place and a specific consultation event for tenants of Rossell House and the Landmark business centre in January attracted 20 business delegates.
  • Chairman of Nottingham Forest Nicholas Randall attended the meeting updating the Board that the club are happy to remain in West Bridgford with the development of The City Ground. Planned for completion by 2022, development is set to start in 2020. The board expressed that they value the location of the City Ground, the way it brings footfall into West Bridgford and strengthens the Council’s values of delivering ‘Great Sport’. Mr Randall confirmed the development’s objectives include delivering much needed quality housing to help subsidise the stadium works and that local labour will be used during the development and construction.
  • Plans to improve the public realm of Melton Road have been discussed and this could see the installation of planters and benches later in 2019.
  • New businesses opening in the town have been well received by residents in recent months, notably Waterstones on Central Avenue and Michelin Starred associated ‘Six’ within the Radcliffe Road Stand at Trent Bridge Cricket Ground.
  • The group also welcomed the ICC Cricket World Cup at Trent Bridge which will see five games hosted between May 31 and June 20 and ITU World Triathlon Relay on June 15 bringing further footfall into the town.
  • The Taste of Rushcliffe Food Festival & YouNG Market will operate in this fashion on July 13 with other options being assessed around the regular West Bridgford Arts and Craft Fair, West Bridgford Plant Fair and West Bridgford Farmers’ Market.
    The Armed Forces Day Proms in the Park and Lark in the Park will take place again on neighbouring Bridgford Park.


    The next meeting will be held on June 11.

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