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Residents give 100% satisfaction rating to Rushcliffe’s Home Alarms service

2 May 2019

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Home Alarms Service has been given another remarkable 100 per cent customer satisfaction rating.

People who use the service fed back they were completely satisfied with the service’s Housing Support administration team when they had the need to use the facility, for a consecutive year.

The alarms provide security, reassurance and independence for hundreds of people across Rushcliffe and neighbouring areas.

They wear a pendant on a neck cord or wrist with a trigger that can be pressed to call the authority in the instance of a medical or other emergency.

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Executive Manager for Neighbourhoods Dave Banks said: “It is great that users of our Home Alarms Service have given us another vote of confidence.

“Our latest survey highlighted we have an exceptional level of customer service and this is the eighth year we have upheld a rating of more than 95 per cent.

“The service can be a lifeline to many people, giving peace of mind and confidence that help is no more than a press of a button away, allowing them to stay independent within their own home.”

Home Alarms are now accessible to residents living in Rushcliffe and neighbouring areas with free demonstrations available.

To find out more about the service, contact the Council’s Housing Support Team on 0115 981 9911 or visit