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Appeal to reunite family with 166-year-old bible

11 March 2019

An appeal has been launched to reunite a family with a 166-year-old bible found in archives at Rushcliffe Borough Council that was previously used in council meetings of its predecessor, West Bridgford Urban District Council.

The artefact was found during a routine search in archives thought to have been untouched for decades and originally used from 1853 to 1974 to swear in Mayors and make legal oaths.

Rushcliffe Mayor Cllr Mrs Maureen Stockwood with the 166-year-old bible

It originally belonged to Charles West, clerk of the former authority, whose descendant Mr Derek Gee from Normanton on the Wolds was offered the bible in the 1980s but gifted it back to the authority to keep for posterity.

Now, the Council is keen to make contact again to ensure its next generation wish to do the same but has not been able to locate Mr Gee or his family members.

In addition to being a standard old and new testament bible, it details in its front and back covers parts of Mr West’s family history with the dates of births and deaths completed by following generations.

Mayor Cllr Mrs Maureen Stockwood is appealing for anyone who may know where the family may now be, to alert them where the item is housed and to get in touch by emailing or calling 0115 981 8481.

She said: “This is a fascinating bible and wonderful small piece of 19th century history detailing a mini family tree with incredible period handwriting in places.

“We are proud to have this as part of our predecessor Council’s history but we are keen to locate Mr Gee or his family and for them to have the chance to say where they wish it to be kept going forward.

“Please get in touch should anyone have a possible way we can contact them and refresh their link with this historic item.”