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New recycling points are crisp and clear

9 March 2019

Rushcliffe residents can now crunch their way to recycling their crisp packets more effectively with dedicated recycling points at council venues.

Currently crisp packets need to be placed in residents’ grey bins across the Borough and not blue recycling bins due to the recycling plant used by contractors not being able to separate the items from other recyclables.

However new recycling points at Rushcliffe Arena on Rugby Road in West Bridgford and Rushcliffe Community Contact Centre on Rectory Road in the town now allow residents to deposit the packets for recycling.

They will be collected by TerraCycle, a national free recycling agent, which will shred the packets into plastic pellets that will go on to be recycled into items such as park benches, plant pots and watering cans.

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Cabinet Portfolio Holder for Housing, Planning and Waste Management Cllr Roger Upton said: “Previously crisp packets could not be recycled anywhere in Rushcliffe or the UK due to their foil content, so we are delighted to be working with TerraCycle on this initiative.

“This is a good first step but ideally we wish to continue to encourage food manufacturers to produce recyclable packets that can be placed in bins with other recyclables.

“We have the highest recycling rate in the County so thank you to our residents for their excellent efforts but we are always keen to look at ways we can boost rates even further.

“We are encouraging even more outlets and venues across Rushcliffe take part in this scheme, so please contact us to express your interest and see how you can get involved.”

Schools, community groups, charities and businesses are among those who could assist the scheme. Email or call 0115 914 8555 to find out more.

Only crisp packets can be accepted at the recycling points. This excludes popcorn bags, crisp tubes, pretzel bags or meat snack bags.