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Knife Crime Awareness Workshop educates young Rushcliffe ambassadors

18 February 2019

Student ambassadors from secondary schools across Rushcliffe attended a Knife Crime Awareness Workshop last week (Thursday), to hear more on the devastating impact the issue can have on families and communities.

Coordinated by Rushcliffe Borough Council and Trent Bridge Community Trust, the event invited over 40 pupils to hear from those whose friends or relatives have had experience of the consequences of its violent impact.

Pupils from schools across Rushcliffe listen to guest speaker Trish Bergan

It included a personal account from Trish Bergan whose son, Eugene was stabbed and tragically killed in Nottingham in 2002.

Officers from Nottinghamshire Police attended to inform the young local ambassadors about the laws surrounding knives and knife use, for those unaware or uncertain about the severity of the crimes.

Whilst knife crime remains low in Rushcliffe, the session was designed to educate the teenagers on the dangers of anyone who carries a knife.

The educational programme featured a short theatre performance by The Pythian Club to demonstrate that not all knife crime that takes place is gang-related.

Deputy Leader of Rushcliffe Borough Council Cllr Debbie Mason said: “This workshop was an important opportunity for school children to learn about the destructive nature of knife crime for communities, families and individuals.

“Crimes involving knives are currently of great national concern and, whilst Rushcliffe is fortunate to have low levels of knife related crime, we must continue to promote education surrounding the dangers of such acts to ensure a safe future for our young people.”

Mark Clifford, Community Projects Manager of the Trent Bridge Community Trust, said: “We were delighted with the event from start to finish.

“The young people from West Bridgford School, South Nottinghamshire Academy, Toothill Academy and East Leake Academy have taken a huge amount from this.

“I’m looking forward to seeing how they start to promote change through their social media campaign.

“They have the knowledge to pass on to others to ensure Rushcliffe remains safe for all our communities.

“We were delighted to host this event at Trent Bridge and are looking forward to the next event later this year.”