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Refill Rushcliffe volunteer seeks to drive down single-use bottle usage

19 December 2018

Refill Rushcliffe is continuing to reduce single-use plastics in the Borough with the addition of new community volunteers encouraging more local businesses to sign up to the scheme which allows thirsty passers-by to refill their reusable bottles for free.

Resident Ami Harrison has now joined the campaign to get in touch with businesses and chat over how easy it is to register for the scheme in a matter of minutes.

She said: “I was really excited when I heard that Rushcliffe Borough Council were looking for volunteers to help sign local businesses up to the campaign.

“I’m really conscious of my personal usage of single-use plastics and how they have such a negative impact on our environment.

“I can’t wait to visit more businesses in my area to get them involved and to also offer my support where needed.”

Over 15,000 Refill Stations are now registered nationally on the free Refill app including over 30 businesses in Rushcliffe, with outlets managing the registration to the scheme themselves.

Leader of Rushcliffe Borough Council Cllr Simon Robinson said: “It is heartening to see more volunteers supporting the Refill Rushcliffe scheme, taking their environmental responsibilities seriously and doing their part to drive down single-use plastic bottle usage.

“Volunteers as always can play a vital role in any drive to inspire others to change their habits and in this case to fill up a reusable bottle when out and about from an outlet nearby.”

Ami joined James Halfpenny, Landlord of the Poppy and Pint in Lady Bay in West Bridgford, earlier this week to hear more about the success of the scheme from a business already registered to the scheme.

He said: “When we heard about this initiative we knew it was something that we wanted to be part of and that it would fit our ethos too.

“Residents that visit the Poppy and Pint appreciate that not only they can fill their bottles without charge, but also that our contribution is helping to keep our local environment clean and free of single-use plastics.”

More volunteer co-ordinators are being sought to help engage local communities across the Borough and assist with registering venues and businesses who wish to support the initiative.

To express your interest in the scheme or if you wish to sign up, email or call 0115 914 8555.