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Cabinet to discuss exploration of potential plans for new crematorium

2 November 2018

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s cabinet is set to discuss the exploration of plans for a new crematorium based at Stragglethorpe near Cotgrave.

Principal support could be given to a potential site based on Main Road in Stragglethorpe on a site identified by external developers.

A new crematorium could provide additional capacity for at least 1,000 funerals each year alongside the Borough’s only existing crematorium at Wilford Hill, run by Nottingham City Council.

Developers have identified that the catchment areas of existing crematoria in the Rushcliffe and neighbouring boroughs demonstrates a geographical gap which is not currently being served by access to a site within a 30 to 45 minute drive time.

They have stated that is required to meet acceptable compassionate and industry standards, whilst it is also evident that the population growth within Rushcliffe is set to increase significantly over the next 20 years.

They have also cited Wilford Hill currently attracts significant numbers of cremations from beyond even its 45-minute drive-time catchment area and therefore there is a growing demand for a new facility.

Leader of the Council Cllr Simon Robinson: “I am delighted that this proposal is being brought to the cabinet next week.

“I have long been of the opinion that Rushcliffe needs more available facilities that reflect the dignity that we all deserve at difficult times.

“I believe this location and design could make Rushcliffe very proud of such a key important facility, particularly as we see huge housing growth in the Borough over the coming years.

“Potential developers are exploring a site at Stragglethorpe, which is believed to best meet the criteria for a potential crematorium and this will be subject to the normal planning procedures.

“A crematorium development project could have extensive consultation and engagement activities with local residents, nearby town and parish councils and also local funeral directors, celebrants and members of the clergy.

“At Cabinet’s meeting on November 13 members will discuss in principal support for a new crematorium.”