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Councillors inspired to further promote cycling through the Tour of Britain

3 August 2018

Councillors in Rushcliffe have pledged to support residents to cycle more often and use more sustainable methods of transport as the Tour of Britain and its world class cyclists visit the Borough in September.

Leader Cllr Simon Robinson and Deputy Leader Cllr Debbie Mason and Cllrs Rod Jones, Liz Plant, Sue and Richard Mallender have given their backing to promote safer riding in Rushcliffe, encourage cyclists to wear helmets at all times, use safety equipment correctly and always wear adequate sun protection.

The seventh stage of the world class cycling race will start on Central Avenue in West Bridgford on September 8, after which 120 riders will wow residents and visitors as the Tour winds its way through dozens of Rushcliffe communities.

Deputy Leader of the Council Cllr Debbie Mason recognises the race’s arrival has helped inspire members at the Council to further lend their support to more environmentally friendly travel.

She said: “Cycling not only has so many health benefits, but is an environmentally sustainable method of transport we must all consider more to protect our planet.

“I would like residents to be inspired by this event just like some of our members have been and to use it as an opportunity to cycle more or look to travel in a more environmentally friendly way.

“I am sure we have many brilliant cyclists in Rushcliffe given the number of cycling clubs we have on our doorstep and I am so excited about how the Tour can only help to educate our younger generations on its importance as green transport we can all use more.”

Councillors Richard and Sue Mallender use bikes regularly as their main mode of transport.

They said: “Riding a bike is often the fastest way to travel with no traffic jams or waiting for buses.

“Cycling is fantastic exercise and good for the environment - helping to reduce air pollution, carbon emissions and the risk of road traffic accidents.”

Cllr Rod Jones is also a regular cyclist and is keen to promote safer cycling in the Borough.

He said: “I enjoy using my bike for local journeys when I can. It is brilliant exercise and journeys don’t take long.

“The addition of a rear view mirror adds to safety by creating more visibility, and of course a D lock for security when locking up.”

Cllr Liz Plant would like to see more residents cycling as an effective mode of transport.

She said: “Cycling produces zero emissions and is a great way of getting around.

“I would like to see more people using bicycles not only to benefit their health, but our environment too.”

Residents and communities across Rushcliffe are encouraged further to take part in similar pledges as The Tour visits West Bridgford, Compton Acres, Ruddington, Bradmore, Bunny, East Leake, Costock, Wysall, Keyworth, Plumtree, Tollerton, Cotgrave, Radcliffe-on-Trent and Shelford by visiting the webpage

Alternatively all interested businesses, community groups and individuals in Rushcliffe can call 0115 914 8555 or email to find out more how they can celebrate the sporting spectacular in their neighbourhoods.