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Streetwise praises four-year-old eco warrior Neve

4 July 2018

A four-year-old eco warrior is on a mission to make her walk to school litter free with the support of Streetwise Environmental.

Neve Taylor heads out with gloves and a litter bag on her daily journey with Mum Louise and sister Thea to Abbey Road Primary School in West Bridgford determined to pick up any items she finds on pavements and alleyways.

The pupil has been learning about the environment, planet and recycling in lessons and felt inspired to do her bit for her local community to and from school.

Streetwise, the grounds maintenance firm set up by Rushcliffe Borough Council, heard about the pupil’s efforts and wanted to thank her by presenting Neve and Thea with their own mini litter pickers and a family voucher for a local cinema.

Managing Director John Scott-Lee said: “It’s wonderful what Neve is doing, we applaud her enthusiasm to make her community cleaner and wanted to reward her for putting into practice what she had learned at school.

“She is highlighting how everyone has a responsibility to dispose of their litter correctly rather than drop it for others to pick up.

“We litter pick her neighbourhood regularly as part of our schedules across the Borough but unfortunately litter still accumulates and she is doing a super job showing up those who don’t take as much pride in their community.”

Mum Louise said: “Neve really likes looking after the environment and asked on the way home from school a couple of weeks ago if we could start litter picking and it has gone from there.

“So the next day, on the way to school she took some gloves and a bag and cleaned it up. We were quite shocked that she filled up a whole bag!

“One alleyway particularly looks so much better after she clears the litter. I promised her I would ask Streetwise to help tidy it up too. I am really proud of her for wanting to keep her community clean.”