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Exploring new car park and accessibility for West Bridgford Town Centre

13 June 2018

Rushcliffe Borough Council is now building on recommendations set out by independent commissioners to improve the accessibility of West Bridgford and exploring possibilities around a new underground car park and retail space for Bridgford Road.

The Council’s Cabinet last night (June 12) passed a motion for the West Bridgford Growth Board to commence development of strategic ambitions around the town’s Tudor Square and Bridgford Road car park to assist efforts in helping drive the economy in its town centre.

In November 2017 commissioners Mick Burrows, Kim Cassidy and Tim Richmond OBE, released six key themes that focus on ways the Board could enhance the town centre’s retail and leisure offer through a more integrated and future proofed approach.

Now, actions on their proposals that reflected stakeholders’ opinions on how to enhance and develop Central Avenue, Tudor Square and Gordon Road are commencing.

Cabinet member and Chairman of the West Bridgford Growth Board Cllr Roger Upton said: “We know West Bridgford Town Centre already has an enviable reputation for dining and leisure, but now the Board wish to ensure its future vibrancy and viability by taking a balanced and sustainable approach to the growth and retail mix of the town’s economy.

“Along with a wide range of supporting actions, we are now focussing on two of the key points The West Bridgford Commissioners Report highlighted, with ambitions to make improvements around Tudor Square and Bridgford Road car park in the coming years.

“In Tudor Square this could mean creating a refurbished area with new landscaping that could create a more accessible and visually appealing space, where people want to stay and shop and businesses want to locate.

“We wish to see it as the heart of the Town Centre and for it to encourage footfall in Gordon Road by increasing connectivity through the removal of some of the existing walls, rails and other highway infrastructure.

“At Bridgford Road we are now exploring a feasibility study to see how the existing car park could be increased in capacity and potentially moved underground. This would then release land which could be sympathetically developed to create retail, office, leisure and perhaps residential opportunities.

“We are very grateful for the excellent work completed by the West Bridgford Commissioners and these ambitions set out an exciting future for West Bridgford Town Centre.”

The Commissioners’ recommendations followed four months of questionnaires, interviews, presentations and consultations in 2017 that saw over 450 individuals’ views captured, including those of over 150 young people from across the community.

Their findings are based around themes that will build the proposal of an overarching ‘West Bridgford Way’.

They also suggested production of a map of the ‘West Bridgford Way’ streetscape, connected to a heritage trail, cycle routes and landmarks in the town.

Copies of the report are available to view at