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Rushcliffe’s Home Alarms service praised for help at the touch of a button

22 May 2018

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Home Alarms service has been praised by those who have been stranded at home in an emergency and in need of help that is only a push of a button away.

Elderly or vulnerable members of the community can sign up to the service where a specifically trained response team are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year giving peace of mind to residents and their families.

The alarms provide peace of mind, security, reassurance and independence for hundreds of people across Rushcliffe who wear the pendant on a neck cord or wrist with a trigger that can be pressed to call the authority in the instance of a medical or other emergency.

Mrs Lally, 96, has praised the service having used it several times in the 11 years she has been registered.

She previously used the service after losing her balance and was unable to get up. She laid there not knowing what to do but luckily was wearing her home alarm where a touch of the button quickly took her through to the team at the Council.

They quickly called the correct medical services to ensure she was not in further danger and also contacted her daughters to inform them of the situation.

Mrs Lally said: “The Home Alarm Service has really allowed me to stay independent within my own home.

“If I do have an accident or fall I know help is only the push of a button away so I would not be without it. The girls and guys on the phone are so lovely too.”

Rushcliffe Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Housing and Planning Cllr Roger Upton said: “It’s brilliant to hear this feedback from a user of our Home Alarm Service and I’m very proud of our team doing an amazing job.

“We have brilliant satisfaction ratings but it’s always good to hear personal testimonies and to see how the service really helps vulnerable people.”

The service was also given a remarkable 100% satisfaction rating from users of the service earlier this year, who told us they were completely satisfied with the service’s Housing Support administration team, when they had the need to use the facility.

For a free demonstration or to find out more about the service, contact the Council’s Housing Support Team on 0115 981 9911 or visit