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Mayor of Rushcliffe welcomes West Bridgford Brownies’ questions in Council tour

16 May 2018

The Mayor of Rushcliffe Cllr Barrie Cooper welcomed a brownies group to the Council Chamber to find out more on how the authority works and listen to their queries in a question and answer session.


The 14th West Bridgford Brownies made the special trip to Rushcliffe Arena on May 1 to visit the borough’s first citizen, The Mayor, and Chief Executive Allen Graham, Leader of the Council Cllr Simon Robinson and Deputy Leader Cllr Debbie Mason.

It was courtesy of an ongoing project to further strengthen the links with community groups across the borough and a chance for the voters of tomorrow to learn more about how the council works and represents them and their families.

After taking their seats in the Chamber amongst 10 attending councillors, the 18 brownies were able to ask questions on how and why the Mayor and the officials conduct their roles and enquire why councillors perform public service in their communities.

They then took a look around portraits on the Council office walls of former Mayors and had refreshments in the Mayor’s Parlour.

Cllr Cooper said: “It was a splendid evening reaching out to the Brownie group and I was delighted we could show in just a small way how the council works.

“It’s so important to make the link to youngsters in the borough to think further about the community around them, such as with sessions like this, that highlight how the council tries to make things better for everyone.

“Giving them this sort of insight was such a privilege so a small part of a future generation is educated on the role of this part of local government.”


Brown Owl Deborah Phelps from the visiting group thanked the Council for arranging the trip

She said: “We try to get out in the community to meet people and visiting the Mayor was quite an honour. It’s good for the children to meet people in a different setting and give them a wider knowledge of the world around them.”

The Brownies Group have spaces for new Brownies to start from June and they are also looking for a new leader to help them out. For more information email