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Rushcliffe refuse team come to the aid of 89-year-old fall victim

2 May 2018

Workers from Rushcliffe Borough Council’s refuse team came to the rescue of an 89-year-old who they found lay strewn on the pavement after suffering a nasty fall.

Keith Sayers and Ben Mckenzie sadly came across Anne from Sutton Bonington lying on the ground with a big bump to her head after losing her balance on the edge of her property.

She had made her way outside to do some weeding when she slipped over and found herself unable to get up.

Lying there for a few minutes she wondered how she was going to get help before Keith and Ben came to the rescue when arriving on their regular rounds.

Immediately they made sure she was not in any pain or seriously injured before Ben ran to the local doctor’s surgery to alert them to her situation.

Anne’s son Richard later emailed the Council to thank them for the good deed and to thank the operatives who helped his mother.

He said: “In spite of having a bump on her face she was not seriously hurt, just very embarrassed!

“Please pass on my thanks to the men who helped her - I am very grateful to them for their actions.”

Anne also wrote a letter of thanks to them and also gifted the pair a box of biscuits when they met again on their rounds two weeks later.

Deputy Leader of the Council Councillor Debbie Mason said: “I am very proud of the way Keith and Ben reacted in this situation and would like to echo the sentiments made by her son to thank them for their actions.

“I am glad that she received no serious injuries and is recovering. It is also very kind of her to offer biscuits as a thank you!”