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New and improved Rushcliffe refuse lorry is safer for cyclists

30 April 2018

Rushcliffe Borough Council has introduced a refuse lorry to its fleet with new features that improves safety for cyclists when the vehicles are out and about on local roads.

The authority has invested in a new 26 tonne Dennis Elite vehicle that has cycle sensors alerting drivers to keep a safe distance when overtaking those on two wheels.

It also alerts cyclists with visual and audio warnings when the vehicle is turning left in front of them.

Safety has also been improved for loaders on the refuse rounds. At the push of a button, operators are able to notify drivers it is safe to reverse with a two-way radio device that helps them respond quicker to each other with clearer instructions.

Deputy Leader Cllr Debbie Mason said: “Safety is always at the forefront of our minds for residents and visitors who enjoy cycling on Rushcliffe’s roads. We want to give them peace of mind we are increasingly aware of the need to keep them and all road users safe around our vehicles.

“Equally we want to protect our hardworking refuse teams and the hand held radio devices will go a long way to ensuring drivers and loaders can work in safer environments in their day to day operations.

“We chose to opt for this vehicle specifically because of these new features and over time wish to add to the fleet to ensure new vehicles endorse the same advantages.”

 Cllr Debbie Mason welcomes the new vehicle