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Don’t give bike thieves an easy ride

1 April 2018

Rushcliffe Borough Council is appealing to bicycle owners to not give thieves an easy ride and always correctly lock and secure their bikes.

As we move into late spring and summer more of us will be taking to two wheels but unfortunately, the warmer weather can see bike crime escalate.

Many bikes that are stolen each year are commonly not secured properly either with a flimsy weak lock that can be cut or tied incorrectly with a stronger ‘D’ lock.

Council Deputy Leader Cllr Debbie Mason met Nottinghamshire Police PCSO Behram Antia and the Council’s Community Safety Projects Officer Judith Brown to find out more about how to increase bike security.

She said: “Cyclists need to just remember a few key measures that will deter thieves from targeting their bikes.

“Investing in a robust ‘D’ lock is a must and remember to tie it around the central triangle frame of the bike and not attach it to below the seat or above a wheel where thieves could loosen these items to remove the lock.

“A weak, flimsy lock offers very little protection and in seconds a thief without drawing attention to themselves can cut through it, so always ensure it is strong and secure.”

 It is also advised to where possible cyclists across Rushcliffe and Nottinghamshire should use secure facilities such as The Cycle Hub on Bridgford Road in West Bridgford.

Residents can obtain a City Cycle Card to access similar hubs and more information can be found at

In some locations if the Council’s Community Safety team spot a bike secured with a weak lock, it is tagged to notify the owner it needs to be more secure.

The tag offers the bike owner the opportunity to bring along the tag and the lock to one of our contact points in West Bridgford to swap it for a ‘D’ lock.  

The Community Safety team and West Bridgford Police hold bi-monthly bike security sessions, where your bike can also be security marked and a weak lock swapped for a ‘D’ lock free of charge to Rushcliffe residents.

Come along to the next session at Rushcliffe Arena in West Bridgford on Saturday April 21from 10am to 1pm to further protect your bike from thieves.