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Proposed Plans for a new Council Operations facility in Bingham

12 March 2018

The Council is further outlining to all interested parties its proposals for transferring some of its operations to an existing Council owned unit on Moorbridge Road Industrial Estate in Bingham. The proposed move forms part of its long-standing ambition to vacate the existing site in Abbey Road, West Bridgford which is in a residential area.

It is proposed that the Council’s grounds maintenance and street cleansing services which are carried out across the borough by Streetwise Environmental Limited will relocate to the site along with the Council’s garden waste collection service as this is closer to the green waste recycling site at Oxton. There are no plans to store any waste at the new site and it is not large enough to create a Household Waste Recycling Centre for members of the public.

Negotiations are also ongoing with local authority partners to enable the future relocation of the remaining grey and blue bin collection service from the existing depot site at Abbey Road but there are no proposals to move these operations to the Moorbridge Road facility.