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Rushcliffe Borough Council welcomes petitions from anyone living, working or studying in the Borough.

Petitions are one way that people can let us know what’s important to them and what changes they would like to see.

What sort of issues can you petition us about?

Below are just a few examples which you may petition the Borough Council about:

  • Any service for which we’re responsible
  • Any service where we work with others to improve Rushcliffe.

How to submit a petition

You can submit a petition in writing to:

Constitutional Services
Rushcliffe Borough Council
Rushcliffe Arena
Rugby Road
West Bridgford

Petitions can also be presented to an ordinary meeting of the Council. These meetings take place approximately every three months and the dates and times can be downloaded.

Who can submit a petition?

Anyone who lives, works or studies in Rushcliffe may submit a petition to Rushcliffe Borough Council.

What petitions must include

The petition must refer to a matter that is relevant to the Borough Council’s services/functions. Petitions submitted to The Council must include:

  • a clear statement covering the subject of the petition
  • a statement about what action the petitioners want The Council to take
  • the name and address and signature of any person supporting the petition.

What is not allowed

A petition will not be accepted if:

  • it applies to a planning application, is a statutory petition, or is about a matter where there is already an existing right of appeal or a separate complaints process
  • it is considered to be likely to cause trouble, upsetting, abusive, defamatory or does not relate to something which is the responsibility of The Council or over which The Council has some influence. If a petition does not follow the guidelines set out above, we may decide not to do anything further with it. In that case, we tell you why
  • the petition identifies:
    an individual Council employee
    •   matters relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person
    •   information relating to any employment matter
    •   information about which a claim to legal privilege could be maintained in legal proceedings
    •   information connected with the prevention, or prosecution of crime
  • it is a duplicate (or near duplicate) of a similar petition received or submitted within the last 12 months.

Further information

Further details about submitting, receiving and responding to petitions are set out in the frequently asked questions and the Rushcliffe Borough Council Petitions Scheme.

Current petitions received

There are no current petitions.

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