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Role and Remuneration 2017-18

Role and Remuneration of the Chief Executive and Executive Management Team.

At Rushcliffe, the Chief Executive, Allen Graham, is the head of paid service – a post enshrined in Local Government law and who leads and takes responsibility for the work of paid staff of The Council. Rushcliffe Borough Council is a significant business with annual gross expenditure of £38m.

The Chief Executive works closely with elected Members (the Councillors) and senior colleagues to deliver the following:

Leadership: working with the Councillors to ensure strong and visible leadership and direction as well as encouraging and enabling managers to motivate and inspire their teams;

Strategic Direction: ensuring all staff understand and adhere to the strategic aims of the organisation and follow the direction set by the Councillors;

Policy Advice: acting as the principal policy advisor to the Councillors and leading the development of workable strategies to deliver the political objectives of the Council;

Partnerships: leading and developing complex partnerships with private, public and voluntary/community organisations to achieve improved outcomes and better public services for local people;

Operational Management: financial and performance management, risk management, people management and change management within the Council.

The Chief Executive at Rushcliffe is expected to manage a complex organisation in a business-like and professional manner. A high performance culture is driven by motivation, inspiration and the development of staff. To do this, the Chief Executive at Rushcliffe:

  • Sets an example through personal conduct – integrity and openness
  • Champions and displays values of public service and excellence in service delivery
  • Sets the right cultural tone through relationships with those he leads and influences
  • Provides clear guidance on standards and values
  • Is actively involved in managing performance of service areas and providing development for staff
  • Determines the appropriate level of resources for services and actively works to improve efficiency
  • Ensures effective community engagement and partnership working to obtain the best outcomes for residents.

The Chief Executive’s Remuneration

The Chief Executive is paid £118,000.  This salary is set with reference to similarly sized authorities and any salary review is undertaken by a remuneration panel that consists of Council members and an independent person who acts in an advisory capacity to the panel members. This panel last met in April 2017. The Chief Executive has voluntarily chosen not to accept the 1% a pay award paid to staff over the last two years.

In 2017/18 the Chief Executive’s reimbursable expenses were:

Travel Costs
Car Parking


 The Chief Executive contributes towards his own phone and the calls shown are a net amount following his contribution.

The Executive Management Team consists of the Chief Executive and four Executive Managers who collectively manage the organisation and work with councillors to develop and deliver the Council’s objectives. The Executive Managers each have responsibilities covering certain specific service areas of the organisation as well as individual responsibility for key leadership projects. Also, all members of the EMT can and do actively work on operational issues and problems as and when the need arises to ensure maximum performance and efficiency is achieved. The Executive Managers also support and manage the work of the Council’s 4 scrutiny groups and other Member meetings.

Executive Managers

Executive Managers have overall responsibility for the day to day operations and management of their respective service areas. Each one is responsible for managing the staff, assets and budget resources available to them and providing the service to the performance and standard agreed by the Council.

Chief Information Officer

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is employed by the Council but is a shared resource for Rushcliffe and Broxtowe Borough Councils and Newark and Sherwood District Council. The Councils have agreed this joint approach to achieve cost savings, effectiveness and efficiency in the operation of the agreed ICT services including Information Management and Governance.

Service Managers 1

Service Managers are the authority’s lead specialist for the service functions within a defined team. They provide operational management to a team of employees to deliver and continually improve services. They support the Executive Manager and in their absence provide leadership, guidance, and direction to the team within the service area.


The Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) is a contributory scheme; this means that the employee contributes to the scheme from his or her salary. Employees contribute 5.5% - 12% of their salaries. Employer’s contributions to the LGPS vary depending upon how much is needed to ensure benefits under the scheme are properly funded and are set independently. The rules governing the pension scheme are contained in regulations made by Parliament. The Members of EMT pay between 9.9% and 11.4% of salary into the LGPS and the Council makes an employer’s contribution of 14.6%.

[1]Local Government Transparency Code (Oct 2014) requires inclusion of Senior Officers in receipt of salaries of £50,000+ (previously £58,200+). The current Senior Officer team includes four Service Managers with combined Lead Specialist roles; the average additional salary element associated with the Service Manager role is £11,000.

Senior Managers Pay and Benefits 2017/18

Post Title
Salary, Fees & Allowances
Mileage & Public TransportCar ParkingExpensesTotal
Executive Manager - Neighbourhoods80,046.00313.4022.00080,381.40
Executive Manager - Communities80,046.00732.7053.8051.5080,884.00
Executive Manager - Operations & Transformation86,598.00175.10155.8094.5487,023.44
Executive Manager - Finance & Corporate Governance82,665.00121.05101.5075.3082,962.85
Chief Information Officer183,447.08318.150083,765.23
Service Manager - Finance & Corporate Governance255,740.0091.800055,831.80
Service Manager - Transformation56,340.00512.0511.50056,863.55
Service Manager - Neighbourhoods56,340.00 00056,340.00
Service Manager - Communities56,340.00 44.550056,384.55


 1 Note salary costs are shared by Rushcliffe Borough Council, Gedling Borough Council and Newark and Sherwood District Council. This individual is also in receipt of a Bonus which is paid as part of their contract. The amount included above is broken down as Bonus for 2016-17 £6,736.33 paid during 2017-18. The remaining balance of £76,710.75 is Basic Salary.

2 Note: salaries include a repayment of training fees of £600.