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Changes to the Building Control

Rushcliffe Borough Council is in partnership with South Kesteven District Council to deliver a shared building control service. Building Control payments are now processed by South Kesteven District Council.

You can make a payment for building control services online from the South Kesteven District Council website. Select the Building Control option and then the service you are paying for from the second menu.

Please call us on 0115 9148 459 if you require any further information.

Forms and fees

A quick guide to building control charges, plus further information on specific types of work.

Application forms

The application forms listed below are available in either Microsoft Word or Adobe PDF format. The Microsoft Word forms can be downloaded and filled in on your computer, whereas the PDF forms must be printed off to be filled in.

Find out if you need building regulation consent by filling in the Householder enquiry form.

Apply online

You can submit your building control application electronically using the Submit-a-plan. The website is free to use, and you can track the progress of your application online.

Word format:

PDF format:

Completion certificates and decision notices

Completion certificates were brought in on 11 November 1985. Not all Building work has been issued with a Completion Certificate. Building Control may have to inspect the work even if it has been completed for many years. Copies of completion certificates and some decision notices back to 1992 can be found on our Blueprint site. If you are unable to find the document you are looking for on Blueprint, please contact Building Control on 0115 914 8459 or

Charges: a quick guide

The Building Control: Charges Scheme 2014 for a full plans application are normally paid in two instalments: one when the application is submitted and one when work starts. Charges for a building notice must be paid in a single instalment when the notice is submitted. However, the total charge is exactly the same whichever of the two payment methods you choose.

For small extensions, the charge depends on the floor area created - this is measured internally. For extensions of more than one storey, the floor area of each storey needs to be added together when calculating the total floor area on which the charge will be based.

Where you intend to build more than one extension, you must add together the floor areas, and pay a single charge based on the combined floor area.

Finally, if your intended work is being carried out solely for the benefit of a disabled person, the application will always be dealt with entirely free of charge. We can only do so however provided some specific conditions are met.

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