Addresses and contact details for allotments in Rushcliffe.

Allotments in Rushcliffe are allocated by the parish councils concerned except West Bridgford,  which is dealt with by the West Bridgford Allotment Holders.


Allotment address: Abbey Close, Aslockton.
Contact: Ms. M Rogers. Email address: Telephone: 07773 959 703.


Allotment address: Hill Drive, Bingham.
Contact: Mrs. L Holland. E-mail: Telephone: 01949 831445.


Allotment address: Victoria Road, Bunny.
Contact: Mr. M. Elliott. E-mail: Telephone: 0115 9376506.


Allotment address: Forest Close, Cotgrave.
Contact: Mrs. A. Ellis. E-mail: 0115 9893876.

Cropwell Bishop

Allotment address: Fern Road, Cropwell Bishop.
Contact: Tony Jarrow. Telephone: 0115 9893178.


Allotment address: Tollerton Lane.
Contact: Rob May. Telephone: 07952 982616.

West Bridgford

Buckfast Way Allotment.
 Ian Willsdon. Telephone: 0115 981 1743.

Burleigh Road Allotment.

Contact: Mr. A.J. Rootham. Telephone: 0115 914 2675.

Eltham Road Allotment.

Contact: Mrs J Kerry. Telephone: 0115 8377 451.

Holme Road Allotment.
Contact: Mr E Nightingale Telephone: 0115982 1021.

Kingston Road Allotment.
Ian Seedhouse. Telephone: 0115 981 2212.

Stamford Road Allotment.
Contact: Mr M Talbot  Telephone: 0115 923 2329.

Secretary of the West Bridgford Allotment Holders: Mr. A.J. Rootham. Telephone: 0115 914 2675.

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